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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Party Shorts

Shorts are not just for the beach ladies - they are a fabulous option for bar-hopping and even cocktail parties. 

When every other girl shows up in a tight bandage dress, shorts come off as really fun and unexpected. 

These silver sequined shorts are surprisingly more versatile than one might think. Here are some tips to help you pull off your own party-shorts look.

  • Choose a top which has some weight or coverage to balance out the itty-bittyness of the shorts. (That is if its not hot-as-hell outside, if so, then of course, wear as little as possible)
  • Like with any sequined item - let them take center stage and don't overwhelm the outfit with too much jewelry (if any at all)

  • Dress them up with a silk blouse with a punch of color  and stiletto booties for a night on the town. You can also dress them down for daytime-play with a plain gray heather t-shirt (a slouchy low v-neck is lackadaisically sexy) and add low motorcycle boots to round out the look.