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Monday, April 1, 2013

The Right Undergarments

No one's wardrobe is complete without the right undergarments. They really are essential to a polished outfit.

Our style of dress has become increasingly more casual over the decades and we have all but lost the art of the undergarment. We used to wear petticoats, bustles, girdles and thigh-highs, and ridiculously tiny corsets , and yeah it probably caused tuberculosis, miscarriages and  liver problems but damn they looked good.

Ok so maybe we don't need to go killing ourselves but a little goes a long way when we want to take it up a notch from t-shirt and jeans.

Here is a neat little list of what a well rounded collection looks like. It can help you fill in any gaps in yours.

T-shirt bra in black and nude for everyday outfits

Obviously, control top panty hose in a million colors. (I own hose in at least 25 different colors).

A simple, no-underwire black (or brightly colored) bra made of cotton or a sports material for wearing in the summer when you're barely wearing anything. This is easy, comfy and can totally be seen which allows you to be practically naked and modest at the same time.

A convertable corset or bustier in nude (with removable straps) for fancy dresses. I prefer a bustier to a strapless bra since they have more surface space to hold your rib cage. Seriously, even commando is better than a strapless bra; I'd take a little nippage over hoisting my bra up every ten minutes for four hours.

As for chonis, everybody needs seamless briefs (in your choice of cut) and a high waisted thong for slim skirts.

AND of course - the holy grail of modern shapewear SPANX. Spanx come in all varieties and are a bit pricey but totally worth the investment. I like the high waisted shorts, but also have my eye on the full piece swimsuit-like style (the "neckline" sits under your bust so the girls aren't smushed). Spanx are awesome pretty much all the time but best under tight body conscious dresses. They aren't the most seductive of pieces but thankfully my man is a sure-thing.

Which brings me to my last point: everyone needs something ridiculously fancy that couldn't even fit under clothes, for doing it.