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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Winter Shorts!

Shorts in the winter? Who knew? I started to see them crop up in the fall but it wasn't until I met these high-waisted burgundy velveteen babies that I knew I was hooked. (Now I own three pairs :)

Obviously its too damn cold to go bare legged which means that tights are not only allowed but intended. So, suddenly all of us who have been avoiding short-shorts for the past - what, uh fifteen years? Can rock bootie-shorts like the seventeen year olds we once (or never!) were.

Low Rise looks best on straight or athletic builds. Mid Rise looks great on everyone. High Rise looks best on curvy or petite girls (makes your legs look longer!). You can wear them with both sheer or opaque tights (depending on your comfort level). For this look I chose sheer tights in a similar color, though black is always a safe choice. Wear them with ankle or mid-calf booties, not knee-highs - that comes off as a little too '70's prostitute, (though a very stylish one, I'm sure.)

So, go get 'em ladies! Winter Shorts!

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