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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Tips on How to Wear a Silk Scarf (since they're practically unwearable)

I received a question months ago about how to wear silk scarves. I haven't answered till now because this question is one of the great mysteries of the universe. Every so often a stylist will give advice on how to tie them, but we all know that you get it on and its like - What, am I seventy? Or, am I hiding a goiter? Cotton scarves, raw silk and other blends have plenty of uses, including my favorite (the turban!) because they have enough roughness to stay put. But every girl knows that if you attempt to put a silky scarf in your hair it slips out in 45 seconds.

So here is my stab at recommending ways to wear your silk scarves. Stay skeptical though. You will still probably never wear your grandmother's. Sorry.

1. This look is a adorable, it works because the golden mustard color brings an edge to the soft bow composition, that would otherwise look too girly (unless that's your bag, if so, then go for it). 

But you really have to be in the mood to wear this, and I don't know how often that actually happens to any of us. 

2. This look is hip mostly because this girl is kind of "look-at-this-cute-scarf, or don't, I-don't-give-a-shit" This is the most casual way to wear a scarf and thus one of the most do-able. Silk scarves evoke a feeling of prim buttoned-up ladies, so by putting on skinny jeans and a wife-beater you undo the stuffy connotation.

Here is a helpful little diagram from Hermes.

This look is also great but really its just because the pastel geometric pattern is so cool. The rest of the outfit is a blank canvas so the scarf takes center stage.  With this, I would wear rolled up light-wash boyfriend jeans, or darker wash skinnies.

Fold your square scarf like the diagram above and instead of tying - hide one end under the point in front and leave the other draped over your shoulder

If the scarf is small enough you can tie it around your handbag or around your top knot. Also, I am all for the comeback of headscarves. I get that its not for everyone but it really will protect your hairdo on windy days.

So in conclusion silk scarves are only sometimes incidentally cool because of the pattern/color/print. In and of themselves they kinda suck. 

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