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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Rules on Leggings

Why oh why are we still seeing this?
Leggings need rules because they are pretend pants. Your legs aren't really clothed they are only colored. Stop not wearing pants.
I'm not dissing leggings, au contraire leggings are a really useful basic for dressing down a shift, for wearing a too-short skirt to work, to balance out an oversized sweater etc. Plus, I love metallic "liquid leggings" (I own them in gold, silver and bronze :). I promise they can be worn without being trashy.
Here are a couple rules to prevent pantless-ness.
  •  Your top MUST come below your crotch.* 
  • A little butt-clef is okay. But not if your chones show.
  • The shorter your shirt the more visual weight it needs. Weight comes in density of material, in bulk of material or in structure. This is to balance out your outfit composition.
  • Legging partner favorites: tunics, sheer button-ups, bulky sweaters, short dresses.
  •  Legging no-nos: cotton t-shirts, anything cropped, blazers. 
The more your leggings are creeping towards real pants the less you need to rely on the rules. 

*obviously different rules apply to yoga/gym/running. Sheesh, stop yelling at me legging-lovers.

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