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Thursday, October 11, 2012

DIY - How to Dip Dye Denim

This cool dip dye job was a quick one day project. You can do it too! It was so simple with such awesome results.

For this denim ombre vest -
  1. Buy a cheap second hand denim jacket - (then you don't have to be sad if you fuck it up - but you won't! :)
    1. I chose a jacket that was too small (I could barely get my arms in it) because I wanted a really cropped and close-fitting vest.
  2. Raggedly chop off the sleeves while keeping the shoulder seam. The end pieces will fray over time giving your vest more character.
  3. Textile dye comes in many colors and finishes but for your first time (this was mine!) choose something simple like iDye in a color you love.
  4. Prepare the dye bath. 
    1. Fill a bucket with super hot water. (Heat on stove to barely a simmer if your tap won't get hot enough). In your bathtub or outside is easiest.
    2. Dissolve packet of dye and stir.
    3. Dissolve a cup of non-iodized salt in a little hot water and pour that into your dye.
    4. Using gloves dip the bottom three-quarters of your vest into the dye and pull out. This dip can be quick - less than a minute.
  5. Soak half the garment (you can just lay it over the side of the bucket - a hanger helps keep it from falling all the way in. This soak can be about twenty minutes.
    1. Agitation helps the dye work into the fibers so swish your garment around a bit between dips.
  6. Pull the vest out further and keep just the base in it for an additional twenty to thirty minutes.
  7. Remove - take a look to see if you like the effect (you can always re-dip a couple times to even out the lines or make it bolder in the lighter parts.
  8. Rinse in cool water and use a mild detergent.
  9. Voila!

List of items for dyeing -
  1. bucket
  2. pair of rubber gloves
  3. dye - (I like idye - I think I am just duped by packaging and I am more attracted to it than RIT)
  4. non-idozied salt (alternatively vinegar if you are doing different materials but for this - salt)
  5. very hot water
  6. hanger
Have Fun!

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