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Sunday, September 30, 2012

How to Walk like a Model in Heels

We've all seen that girl - in a lovely dress, wearing great heels and then tramping along like Tyrannosaurus Rex. Nobody wants to be that girl. Walking confidently in heels takes some practice if you aren't used to it. I really prefer flats in my everyday life so even I have to do a quick reminder when I put on a pair.
  1. Choose heels in which you can straighten your knees. If you feel you are going to fall out onto your face then they are too high. 
  2. Stand tall, place your hips forward and your shoulders back. Literally your torso should be angled slightly back.
  3. Your hip should lead the step (this may feel strange at first). This will also cause your hips to swing at a much larger arc - but hey I think that's what heels were made for.
  4. Step from heel to toe and in a straight line. Your knee should only bend slightly with each step (the T-Rex comes from leading steps with your knees and planting the foot all at once).
  5. If you're doing it right you will feel it in your abdominal muscles. :)

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