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Sunday, September 30, 2012

How to Walk like a Model in Heels

We've all seen that girl - in a lovely dress, wearing great heels and then tramping along like Tyrannosaurus Rex. Nobody wants to be that girl. Walking confidently in heels takes some practice if you aren't used to it. I really prefer flats in my everyday life so even I have to do a quick reminder when I put on a pair.
  1. Choose heels in which you can straighten your knees. If you feel you are going to fall out onto your face then they are too high. 
  2. Stand tall, place your hips forward and your shoulders back. Literally your torso should be angled slightly back.
  3. Your hip should lead the step (this may feel strange at first). This will also cause your hips to swing at a much larger arc - but hey I think that's what heels were made for.
  4. Step from heel to toe and in a straight line. Your knee should only bend slightly with each step (the T-Rex comes from leading steps with your knees and planting the foot all at once).
  5. If you're doing it right you will feel it in your abdominal muscles. :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How to Wear Denim on Denim: The Canadian Tuxedo

Guess what. Denim on denim is rad. All these years we've been dissing the Canadians, turns out they were on to something.

To make this look more urban-chic than lumberjack/hockey-enthusiast follow these simple tips:
  1.  The jeans should be slim and well tailored to your body.
  2.  Each piece should be of a contrasting weight and/or wash. This usually means a light and soft chambray shirt with a more standard weight denim jeans.
  3.  Don't go crazy and add a denim jacket (I've seen this)
  4.  Since this is Western-inclined, resist the temptation to add feather earrings and cowboy boots. Accessorize with modern jewelry or just go freshed face and natural.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

10 Things Every Girl Needs in Her Closet

Hey MissMarie,

I've recently been looking through my closet and realizing ALOT has to go! What do you recommend as the 10 best items every woman should have in her closet?? I am a casual girl with a relaxed style.


Plain Rita

Dear Plain Rita,

Thanks for your question, This was a great challenge for me; since I am much more of a maximalist I want to shout ridiculous things like sequined jumpsuit! fur lined booties! overly embroidered floor length coat!

Ha, but luckily I've taken a breath and compiled this list of classic staples that every girl actually needs in her wardrobe. You are, however, getting 11 for the price of 10; it was difficult to narrow down. :) Tell me what you think!

1. A Solid Base: invest in a couple great fitting bras and some spanks ( unless you are seventeen or a professional athlete - everyone looks and feels better in a hot dress when they've got spanks as a base).

2. The anti-LBD. What is this obsession with a "little black dress"? Everyone else is going to be wearing one so I recommend the anti-LBD. Buy a classic fitting dress in a bold color or pattern you really love. It's a simple way to make a statement in a sea of black.

3. A well tailored Blazer - (and I'm not talking about one half of your interview suit). This should be something you can just throw on over jeans and voila! you are put together. Choose a color or pattern (NOT grey) and only go with black if you can label your style "bad-ass". Zara always has great options including their hilariously named "jogging blazer" which is super soft and comfortable.

4. A great pair of clean-line Pumps (this means no peep-toe and no platform) . I would say black leather is the safest option - but I don't even own that - my go-tos are bright blue. Pick a height that works for your style and lifestyle. They don't need to be teetering to be sexy - 2.75 in. is all you really need.

5. A Sweater Dress will save you 7 months out of the year ( ha well depending on where you live). Something moderately light that can be layered or unlayered as the weather dictates is best. Pick one that is cut loosely - my favorite from my collection is angora and wool, cut like a sack, and has a fabulous grandmammy floral print - I wear it on my fattest days, my lazy days, AND when I want to look great.

6. A fantastic pair of Jeans. For years I didn't wear jeans because pants shopping blows. But if and when you do find the perfect cut, stretch, dye, and rise for you - never never let go. Buy a few pairs and horde them. Also, I hear boot-cut is coming back, but not for me. Skinny all the way. Always.

7. A great pair of Boots - I don't know how people live without boots. Every girl must have a pair (or four or five). I wore only knee-high riders for about ten years, but now I live in my pointed western style ankle-booties (I own them in brown leather and black suede). Choose ones that fit your wardrobe be it slouchy-cowboy, prim-equestrian, sleek-urban, etc.

8. An Infinity Scarf does all the styling for you. Throw it on and your clothes instantly become an ensemble. It arranges itself and you can never have too many. But if you buy just one make it a warm, almost taupe grey (or as they are calling it in the interior design world "greige"). This color swings in all directions and can be worn with almost every color combination.

9. A Pencil Skirt is a super sexy and classy article of clothing. Its highly appropriate for work, going out, and being awesome. It looks great on everyone no matter your waist to hip ratio - to find the right one for your body make sure it fits snugly at your natural waist (wherever that may be) and is slim along the curve to your hip without odd bunching or stretching. The cut from hip to knee is more by preference, but I like mine at a better-not-drop-something, hope-its-not-a-walk-up snugness.

10. A high quality Handbag. A quality leather bag, especially one with structure, can elevate an casual outfit to something special. A handbag is worn everyday with every outfit; it should be an investment. Don't let a great outfit be dragged down by an old, worn bag. (However! Do not buy a bag which outstrips your normal wardrobe by leaps and bounds, that just looks stupid. )

11. Bonus! Everyone should own something totally Unique; something totally you. This can be thrifted or heirloom, but its with these one-of-a-kind pieces that no one else could acquire if they tried, that personal style blossoms. Heirloom pieces are lovely because they are worn with pride and filled with your family's history, and vintage pieces come from an infinite resource for awesomeness. Go with your gut and go bold.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ugly Cute

Tell me. Who is into this new pukey pea-soup chartruese that is showing up for fall?

 I AM.

It's the perfect answer to those of us who have a hard time giving up summer neons, and it reminds me of the Fall of 2008 when I fell real hard for mustard (one of my all time favorite power colors).

Pea Soup!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Lucky loafers

These leopard mofos right here had been whispering to me for six months now, but I had already laid down the cash for their more glorious and garish cousin - Steve Madden's Studdly in gold. So I didn't feel I could spend another hundred on shoes (which lets face it - are not the highest quality - sorry Steve, just gotta say it how it is)

BUT, then I found them at Buffalo for 13 dollars. That's right. 13.

Thank you.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pilly Knits?

Fall is coming!

Which means knits are coming out of the closet and wool is back. Are yours, like mine, looking a little sad, a little pilly? Over time all knits, even the highest quality, will begin to pill, but you can take care of it with this little tip! Use a new blade head on your regular razor, and just shave them away. It takes some time, but can be done easily in just one episode of 30 Rock.

Remembering this tip will also open up your thrifting options!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Indian Summer

September is my favorite month of the year; the breeze picks up, the humidity is down and we can pretend its still summer - at least in New York. Though everyone is looking forward to their new fall coats and some knee high boots, now is the time to take advantage of this Indian Summer. 

I am keeping cool in this ensemble which consists of entirely natural materials, wood and leather shoes, a white cotton skirt, silk top and fantastic foot-long feather earrings which I bought in Mexico City's Zocalo, last year.