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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Vintage Caftans!

I love vintage caftans and house dresses, I have built up a sizeable collection over the years, even though they can be difficult to work into an everyday wardrobe. In terms of construction, they are one of the simplest garments imaginable; cultures all over the world have worn a variation of this garment throughout history. There is something very romantic and satisfying in wearing simple pieces, and in this, I feel I've woken up on the Mediterranean and couldn't tell you if it is year 12 or 2012.

Garments like this one which have little to no structure can be brought into your real life with what I call "anchor" pieces, like my wooden Sigerson Morrison wedges and heirloom jewelry (thanks Aunt Lomie!) These heavier accessories weigh the dress down enough to create an ensemble.


  1. Love that! I think I have a gallabiya that may work that way!

    Fabulous blog, Marie!

  2. Noelle! I didn't see this comment till now. Thanks so much! Hell yeah rock it - you're gonna look fabulous :)