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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Globetrotting in Style, Part II

An easy way to keep your trip wardrobe stylish is to pack with one scheme/theme in mind. If all your pieces are in the same color scheme or theme then they can create multiple looks and be easily interchanged depending on your mood, the activity of the day, or the weather.

Keep the destination in mind and let it influence the style of your travel wardrobe. For example, think of your favorite Parisians when packing for France, or the captivating Frida Kahlo for a trip to Mexico City.

I am, of course, not suggesting you show up in Tokyo wearing a Kimono like a jack-ass but by allowing the lines of the city architecture and landscape be influential you will feel as pretty as your surroundings and improve the aesthetic of your photos (hey in this Facebook world it now seems people only vacation for the pictures).

See below a photo-montage of a sample travel wardrobe for Paris - a romantic, lady-like collection in soft hues but with just a little sass.

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