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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Globetrotting in Style, Part I

Packing for stylish travel is difficult but rewarding. You are going to be taking pictures in front of breathtaking scenery, architecture, art and culture; do you really want to be wearing some crappy t-shirt in front of the eiffel tower? I don't think so.
I am an avid traveler and I have a hard time balancing the urge to pack half my wardrobe and the practicality of lugging said suitcase across Europe or the Middle East (which of course has other considerations - special post to come soon!) The trick is to A. find the right pair of shoes B. Pack in one theme/scheme and C. Leave room for international additions.

A. The most difficult part of course is shoes. Americans can be spotted in all corners of the world because of their sneakers (hey we are practical go-getters!), but there are plenty of options out there that offer enough support to last an entire day of urban trekking. Shop in the "comfort" section at sites like Zappos' Comfort Shoes.  Both pairs below are by Clarks which are not only super classy but also easy on the feet.

When it comes down to it utility is most important but that doesn't mean all aesthetic has to go out the window.

Keep and eye out for part II!

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