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Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Art of Thrift

I receive many questions/comments about shoppers' frustrations with second hand. These tips and techniques will help you sort through the crap and find those rare gems that will remain after all your forever 21 dresses have disintegrated.

Prepare Thyself!
Heavy thrifting requires patience. You should be well fed or else you'll get cranky and bail. Wear layers. If you are wearing leggings and a tank you can easily try on any combination of clothing right there in the aisles (most thrift stores have very limited changing rooms). Most importantly, focus on the items which have potential.

Go for: 
Leather goods: belts/jackets/wallets/boots
Leather will always be in vogue for its utility and beauty. It can also last more than a lifetime if care is taken. Plus, everyone will be jealous of your vintage cowboy boots.

Dresses and Skirts are great items to thrift because their wear-history is likely to be less than say pants or shirts. Also styles and tailoring of skirts does not change so drastically from year to year. A circle skirt will always be lovely (unlike jeans with a 1/2 inch zipper circa 2002)

Luxury items can be found for a lot less, especially when old ladies kick the bucket and/or the store employees don't realize the value of the item. Vintage jewelry is where it's at. Everyone will ask and no one will be able to imitate. Second hand fur is also the way to go, you can find high quality pieces for a fraction of the price and your money isn't going to the fur industry but most likely to charity.

Other good options: jackets/blazer, hats, ridiculous sequined evening wear, and my favorite - vintage ethnic/national garments like kimonos, caftans, saris, cholis, ponchos, etc.

Avoid: T-shirts, pants, the obvious undergarments/swimwear. T-shirts and pants have most likely been worn to death. No one should be wearing a ratty T-shirt (unless its an original Star Trek The Next Generation / favorite classic rock band T). Pants should always be well tailored for your body (and the times) and its hard enough finding that in stores. Don't waste your time. 
Happy thrifting!

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